SMM Mobile In-Page Video

MS Short Motion Media (SMM) is our latest video ad-solution developed for publishers interested in a new, less-intrusive, smartphone & tablet, video delivery unit.  SMM provides publishers instant access to un-tapped video ad-revenue, and a new type of digital mobile ad unit for sharing content in 6/15/30/60 second duration on Mobile Web & In-App.

SMM works as an ad unit tag and works with industry standard ad servers such as OpenX.  We can provide back-fill video to publishers, sharing revenue with the publisher and can also serve ads for publishers who choose to run their advertiser’s for an ad serving fee.

The ad is activated by the user naturally swiping while browsing the page.  Consumers on Android and Tablets see an unobtrusive video ad unit at the bottom of their screen, that does not interfere with their browsing.  iPhone users see a full screen experience which can be paused and minimized while playing.  Users can follow the ad to the landing page or opt out of the advertising in five seconds.

 In-Page Video Ad Unit