ionBurst Media


Tony Sandoval, President

Tony Sandoval (President, Founder, Production Get-er-done-er and the Cook)

Tony’s broad experience is formidable; as a trained lawyer and software developer his business has brought him around the world as an international technology consultant, having spent the first decade of the millennia in such far-flung exotic places as Taipei, Madrid, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Weehawken, New Jersey.  After founding ionBurst on the bet he could outlast Hong Kong based Ion Global (they folded 6 months after the bet), Tony went on to build ionBurst into the successful digital advertising production, development and media services shop that it is now.  On the side, he is also building electric cars with his friend Rick and please do inquire if you are interested in one.


Stephen Shearin (SVP, Partner, Moses Strategy Mission-Figurer-Out Guy)Stephen Shearin, SVP
Having a hand in the commercial development of the Internet in the early 90’s, Stephen has held nearly every inglorious position possible within tech and media from CEO to customer support. Entirely unimpressed with the inefficiencies in the marketplace (the Internet should solve them, NOT create them) he brings a flare for connecting people, products and processes.


George Campbell SVPGeorge Campbell (SVP, Partner, Sales-o-matic man and Client-Cuddler)
George’s lengthy career in media sales and international business development leaves little room for uncharted waters. He obtains stellar results for clients within the areas of technological improvements, cost reduction, general welfare, improved relations, and sector growth.