Welcome to ionBurst Media Services

Locate, serve, track and activate the consumer – and the enterprise – with ionBurst Media Services.

iMS supplies leading digital advertising solutions to advertisers and marketers, specializing in mobile, tablet & desktop programmatic planning and buying solutions and advertising technology. Our sophisticated technologies allow for maximum granular targeting solutions for goal orientated advertisers.

We exist to work with our clients, support their story and attain their ROI goals with creative, cost-effective advertising solutions


Digital Ad Targeting & Trafficking

Our mobile-centric trafficking platform harvests global data supplied to us by top mobile device carriers. We segment the data into key points that, when combined, provide a digital trail to a sought-after consumer. iMS has a noted 6,000 segmented data points which we use to triangulate, serve, activate and analyze your consumer target. If he/she/it are out there, we can find them.

In addition all of our services are monitored and reported in real-time, providing priceless analytics to marketers.


iMS Builds & Serves Advertising Products

iMS has been handling production overflow from top creative agencies for over a decade.  We can build anything and below is a reference to standard iMS practice.

Standard & rich-media digital banners across mobile, desktop and tablet screens.

Video advertisements across mobile, desktop and tablet screens.  (6/15/30/+ second video)

In-Stream Video advertisements across mobile, desktop and tablet screens.

Custom iMS produced advertisements, widgets, websites, splash pages, mobile apps, and Flux Capacitors, are available on a case by case basis.


About iMS & Our Founders

Our staff has unparalleled multi-industry experience ranging from manufacturing to media.  Our ability to solve problems and execute solutions for our clients through digital advertising, technology, cost reduction, improved customer relations, sector growth and most importantly, sales, is our mission and what we transcend.  Let’s get to work!

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George Campbell, Tony Sandoval & Stephen Shearin